Esther Mettlestone-Staranise (cousin to Bronte) is looking forward to another year at Katherine Valley Boarding School. But she arrives to find a number of strange and unsettling changes. Her new teacher is rumoured to be an Ogre.

The mountains surrounding the school - usually a delight of glaciers, teashops, lakes and Faeries - are now crowded with wicked Shadow Mages. Meanwhile, on the other side of the kingdom, the little Prince of Cloudburst who was stolen from the seashore by a Water Sprite, has found his way home. The King and Queen are planning the biggest party in their Kingdom's history to welcome him.

As secrets and dangers escalate, Esther - who is not talented like her sisters, nor an adventurer like her cousin - must find answers to several puzzles. Why is her teacher behaving so oddly? Which of Esther's classmates is the Spellbinder? And could the Stolen Prince of Cloudburst be connected in some way...?Perhaps Esther is more talented than she thinks as she must battle to save her school, her family, and possibly her whole world...

The Stolen Prince Of Cloudburst - Jaclyn Moriarty