When Rosie Green's husband walked out after 26 years together, he declined to leave a forwarding address.

Instead, he left a devastated woman who turned into someone she barely recognised: unable to eat or sleep, and so desperate to keep her family together she'd sacrifice her sense of self - and her dignity. She thought she'd never get over it. But she did.

And so can you. This is the frank, uplifting and insightful book Rosie wished she could have found when her whole world fell apart. Here's your guide to getting through it - with advice from the experts, with the help of your friends, with a deliciously dark sense of humour and, for Rosie, with some highly inappropriate sex advice from her pre-teen daughter.

Let her brilliantly honest handbook show how you can heal faster, understand yourself better and move on. How to Heal a Broken Heart doesn't sugarcoat it - heartbreak brings you to your knees. But, sometimes, it also gives you a necessary shove towards a happier, more fulfilled life than you ever dreamed was possible.

How to Heal a Broken Heart - Rosie Green