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Would you like to find a new book, but simply cannot decide what to read next? Are you wanting to try something completely different, but aren't sure where to start? You've come to the right place! 

Similar to our Recommended Reads feature, we're giving you the opportunity to have a mystery book of our choosing sent to your door. Tell us about the books you've enjoyed, the ones you really love, and what you'd like to read. Are you wanting to branch out into non-fiction, or maybe try a collection of short stories? Are you wanting to hear a new voice in literature, or perhaps find a voice similar to an author you admire? We'll put our thinking caps on and send you a book that we think you'll enjoy, and you won't know what it is until it arrives!


And if you like it, we'll happily send you one every month. You can either use this as a one-off purchase or a monthly subscription, just get in touch if you would like us to keep it going.

Or, would you like to send someone you love a book? If so, we can have it personalised with a note and have it gift wrapped too - just let us know!

Paperback Fiction Book: £11.79 

Hardback Fiction Book: £20

Paperback Non-Fiction Book: £12.79

Hardback Non-Fiction Book: £25


Please note these prices include packing and postage, gift-wrapping costs an additional £1.50

At present, we can only process payment via PayPal or by BACS. Once you've submitted your order we will be in touch via email with details on how to pay.

After we've received payment, we'll get your book sent out!

Send Me A Book


Tell us about your favourite books and we'll send you one we think you'll love.

What kind of book are you looking for?

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